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Sport Talk - by quentin

Tebow To Be Broncos Starter

October 11th 2011 14:27

The Denver Broncos have told Tim Tebow is the starting quarterback, a source told ESPN's Josina Anderson. Tebow will make his start against the Miami Dolphins on October 23 after the bye week in Miami; it will be homecoming for Tebow since the Dolphins will be honoring the 2009 Florida Gators team at halftime. He has replaced Kyle Orton as the starter. On Sunday, Tebow ran for a touchdown and threw for a touchdown against the San Diego Chargers. He went four of ten completions for 79 yards and ran for 38 yards. Tebow's footwork and throwing mechanics still remain a work in progress. His game is built around his multifaceted talents, instincts and his passion. In his 12 career games, Tebow has completed 45 of 92 passes (48.9%) for 733 yards, six touchdowns and three interceptions. He has rushed for 264 yards and seven touchdowns. Tebow is 1-2 as a starter for the Broncos, and Orton was 12-21 as the starter.


Has The Tim Tebow Era Begun?

October 10th 2011 02:08

Despite Tim Tebow's effort to bring back the Broncos from a 16 point deficit, he scored one passing touchdown and one rushing touchdown that put Denver in position to win the game at the end. He finished with a 101.7 quarterback rating. Tim Tebow replaced Kyle Orton in the second half. Kyle Orton had zero touchdowns and one interceptions; he had a 21.0 quarterback rating. Philip Rivers had one passing touchdown and one rushing touchdown. He had a 86.9 quarterback rating. Rivers had two turnovers, with one of the turnovers by Robert Ayers, who sacked and stripped Rivers, and Andre Goodman recovered the ball San Diego 41 yard line with 4:38 left in the game. The San Diego's kicker, Nick Novak kicked five field goals. Anyways, off that turnover, Tim Tebow threw a screen pass to Knowshon Moreno for a 28 yard touchdown, and the Broncos were two points from tying the game, but Brandon Lloyd dropped a 2 point conversion pass. In the closing seconds of the game, Tim Tebow threw to Lloyd for 20 yards and tight end, Daniel Fells, for 31. Tebow raced downfield and spiked the ball at the Chargers 29 with a second left in the game. In that last second, Tebow scrambled around for more than 10 seconds and threw it into the end zone. The ball fell incomplete. Even with a disappointing ending, the Broncos fans still chanted, “Tebow! Tebow!” The San Diego Chargers won the game, 29-24. The Chargers are 4-1, and the Broncos are 1-4. Both teams are heading into the bye week.

Al Davis Passes Away At 82

October 8th 2011 17:22

The Oakland Raiders owner, Al Davis, dies at 82. He was a pioneer rebel that began 60 years ago as the assistant with the Baltimore Colts, and entered the 1992 Pro Football Hall of Fame. The team's website posted a tribute of Al Davis with his name in large silver letters above “July 4 1929-October 8, 2011. Al Davis died in his home this morning. The commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell said about Davis, “Al Davis' passion for football and his influence on the game were extraordinary. He defined the Raiders and contributed to pro football at every level. The respect he commanded was evident in the way that people listened carefully every time he spoke.” Goodell also added, “He is a true legend of the game whose impact and legacy will forever be part of the NFL.” Even though Al Davis was known as a rebel, he was also a charming and compassionate man. He is a man who when his wife had a heart attack in the 1970s, Davis moved into her hospital room. Al Davis own health have been reported in April that he has been hospitalized, but the team dismissed them as rumors.

Before last season, Al Davis said he liked Jason Campbell as the Raiders new quarterback. Davis said, “I really liken this team a great deal to the team of 1980, in which the great Jim Plunkett pulled us out of the doldrums, took us to the Super Bowl as a wild card, and we had so many great players who eventually made their way to the Hall of Fame.” The Raiders were losers in the first decade of the 21st century, before then, Al Davis' team was a winner. The Raiders won three Super Bowls during the 1970s and 1980s (1976, 1980, and 1983) and almost contending every other seasons. Al Davis was also a trailblazer. He hired the first black coach in 1988 with Art Shell. He hired the first Latino coach, Tom Flores. He hired the first woman CEO, Amy Trask.

Al Davis was born in Brockton, Mass. He grew up in Brooklyn and graduated from Erasmus Hall High School. Davis was a graduate of Syracuse University. He was an assistant at The Citadel and then Southern California before joining the Los Angeles Chargers of the new AFL in 1960. Only three years later, he was hired by the Raiders and became one of the youngest general manager head coach in pro football history with a team he called the “the Raid-uhs” in 1963. In 1966, Davis became the commissioner of the AFL.

Francona Leaves Boston

September 30th 2011 16:35

After Boston had a 9 game lead over Tampa Bay at one point, missed the playoffs by losing the last game of the regular season. Terry Francona told his staff members on Thursday that he would not be returning for another season in Boston. His fate could be decided in a meeting of the team's upper management of the team's owner, John Henry, CEO, Larry Lucchino, and chairman, Tom Werner. Despite the general manager, Theo Epstein's new conference speech that “we don't believe in scapegoats, in particular nobody blames Tito for what happened in September.” Francona said “he may have run his course as manager,” after eight season. Regarding Francona's contract, the Red Sox have a week from Saturday to pick up the club's option for one or both of the next season. Francona's options are worth $4.25 million dollars each for the 2012 and 2013 seasons. Theo Epstein said, “Tito and I spent some time talking today, just catching up on the season and talking about what the next few days will look like.” The group is likely to discuss a perception held by some within the organization that this team-- “operated in a vacuum of clubhouse leadership.” That perception wasn't unique to the front office. One Boston Red Sox veteran player said, “the clubhouse had zero chemistry with too many 'me-me-me' guys.” He also added, “I'm not sure if anybody knew, because there were some things I was worried about. I think we were spending too much energy on things that weren't putting our best foot forward toward winning. We spent a few minutes in the clubhouse that day, talking about that. There were some things that did concern me.” “Teams normally, as the season progresses, there are events that make you care about each other, and this club, it didn't always happen as much as I wanted it to. And I was frustrated by that.”

Mo Is The All time Leader In Saves

September 19th 2011 21:16

Today, Mariano Rivera became the top closer in baseball history. His historic 602 saves came against the Minnesota Twins in a 6-4 win. He surpassed Trevor Hoffman, who has 601 saves. In the ninth, he retired shortstop, Trevor Plouffe on a ground ball, Michael Cuddyer, the right fielder for the second out, and first baseman, Chris Parmelee, who struck out for the third out. After the game, Rivera hugged catcher, Russell Martin, and met by the rest of his teammates at the mound. Rivera who will turn 42 on November 29, leads baseball with 42 postseason saves. He has a 0.71 postseason ERA, and held opponents to a .176 batting average. Today was Rivera's 43rd save of the year. He has had eight seasons of 40 or more saves; one behind Hoffman for the all time record of 40 save seasons. Rivera and Hoffman are the only two pitchers with more than four seasons of 40 saves. Rivera ranks ninth all time in games pitched (1,038), and owns eight of the Yankees' top ten single save totals. He is a 12 time all star and the MVP of the 1999 World Series. Monday was 15 years and 125 days since his first save, which came on May 17, 1996 against the California Angels.

Rivera tied the major league saves record with Trevor Hoffman, while preserving the Yankees' 7-6 win over the Toronto Blue Jays on Saturday. This game with Rivera's 42nd save of the season, but he said “To me it was normal.” With the Yankees trying to clinch the AL East, the manager, Girardi, wasn't interested in hearing about the 601 career save for Rivera. Girardi said, “Right now, they're all big for us.” He also added, “602 is the big one because it just puts the final stamp on it that he's the greatest closer of all time.” Rivera will have chance to break the all time save record, tomorrow, but if he doesn't, he'll likely reach it sometime during an eight-game homestand that begins Monday. Rivera said he would to get the save at home, but he doesn't think like that. He will try to seize the moment on Sunday if given the opportunity.

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Plaxico Blasts Former Team

September 9th 2011 17:47

Plaxico Burress of the New York Jets, blasted his former team, the New York Giants, about his situation when he shot himself. He told Men's Journal that after his release from prison in June, “After my situation happened, I turned on the TV, and the first words out his (Tom Coughlin) mouth was 'sad and disappointing.'” Burress also added, “I'm like, forget support—how about some concern? I did just have a bullet in my leg. And then I sat in his office, and he pushed back his chair and goes, 'I'm glad you didn't kill anybody!' Man, we're paid too much to be treated like kids. He doesn't realize that we're grown men and actually have kids of our own.” Burress and Coughlin always had a tumultuous relationship with one another. Burress mentioned to Men's Journal that Coughlin was not a real positive coach. “You look around the league, the Raheem Morrises and Rex Ryans-- when their player makes a mistake, they take'em to the side and say, 'We'll get'em next time.' But Coughlin's on the sideline going crazy, man. I can't remember one time when he tried to talk a player through not having a day he was having.”

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Baylor Upsets TCU In Opener

September 3rd 2011 04:24
TCU, who had won an FBS-best 25 consecutive regular season games, overcome a 47-23 deficit in the fourth quarter when the new starting quarterback, Casey Pachall, threw three touchdowns before the game's only turnover, which was a fumble by Bears quarterback, Robert Griffin. Baylor, which hadn't beaten a ranked team since 2004, has now won against the 14 ranked, TCU Horned Frogs. Baylor won the game, 50-48. They were trailing, 48-47, with 1:04 left in the game when Aaron Jones kicked a 37 yard field goal to give the Baylor the lead and the win. Baylor had to go 60 yards in 11 plays, including Griffin's 15 yard catch from Kendall Wright on third and 10, which set up Jones for a field goal. The Horned Frogs had a chance to win the game, but Pachall's last pass was intercepted by Mike Hicks and he ran the clock down to two seconds. Pachall threw for four touchdowns and one interception and 251 passing yards, while Griffin threw for five touchdowns and zero interception and 359 passing yards.

Peyton Manning May Start In Week One

August 27th 2011 17:04
Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts, who is still trying to recover from neck surgery in May, could be activated on the roster in two weeks. If not, the Colts will have to play the first six games without their four time MVP. The League's rules require players on the physically unable list to be activated by the team's final cutdown, Sept 3, or to sit out for six weeks. Coach Jim Caldwell said that Manning will be activated soon after the Friday night game against Green Bay. Manning has been on PUP since practice began Aug 1, and Caldwell said he will practice after the doctors clear him. Last week, Manning told reporters he would not play in the final two preseason games, and that he needed the next two weeks to get healthy. The Colts' officials said that Manning's rehab is progressing well. The general manager, Chris Polian, said “We've got a week and a half to make that decision.” Manning's neck injury is supposed to keep him off the field for six to eight weeks, but the recovery has gone slower than expected. Yesterday, Manning told CBS at halftime of the Colts-Packers game that he hopes he can start the opener on Sept 11 in Houston. “I sure hope so. I've never missed a game in my entire football career due to an injury since I was 13 years old, and I sure don't want to miss Week 1 of the season.” “That's my goal is to be out there to play and, not just play, but to play competitively. I want to be out there to help my team win and if I'm able to do so, I'll be out there.” Peyton Manning has started 227 consecutive games, including the playoffs, the second longest streak in NFL history for quarterbacks behind Brett Favre.

Terrelle Goes To Oakland

August 22nd 2011 21:44
The Oakland Raiders have selected Terrelle Pryor in the NFL's supplemental draft. They used a third round pick in order to get Pryor. Pryor's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said that his client was excited about going into the third round after waiting until last Thursday to find out he'd even be eligible for the draft and not working out for teams until Saturday. Pryor had immediately headed to the Bay Area after being drafted the Raiders, and Rosenhaus hoped to finalize a contract as soon as possible to get Pryor on the practice field. Based on the rookie scale used to sign picks from the April's draft, Pryor would be expected to receive a four year deal at $2.36 million, including a $591,000 signing bonus. A Raiders source told ESPN's, John Clayton, that the team is looking at Pryor more of a receiver than a quarterback. Pryor will be able to practice with the Raiders immediately after signing and play in the last two preseason games. He will not be able to practice with the Raiders in the regular season until the sixth game.

When Pryor was allowed in the Monday's draft, Roger Goodell handed him a five game suspension, which is the same amount of games that he would have received if he stayed at Ohio State. At the workout, Pryor ran a 4.36 in the 40, so Oakland picking Terrelle wasn't that much of a surprise. The owner, Al Davis covets size and speed. Drew Rosenhaus said, “We all know how Al Davis likes big players who can run and Terrelle brings a dimension of size and speed that's unique to the quarterback position.” Now with the addition of Terrelle Pryor, the Raiders are without picks in the second, third, and fourth rounds next year. The Raiders traded the 2012 second round pick along with a 2011 seventh round selection for third and fourth round picks this past draft to take offensive lineman, Joe Barksdale, and running back, Taiwan Jones.

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